After many years and much fear (unnecessary as it turned out - as illogical fear usually is), these original songs have been recorded and are ready for listening to. Some recordings were a real family affair. First, one of the songs was written by my brother and one by my sister. Second, because Natalie (one of my daughters) and her husband, Gil decided to enrich the recordings. They both wrote new musical arrangements. In addition, Gil played live base guitar and harmonica, and Natalie sang. I felt really blessed!

These songs are yours to listen to and use for enjoyment and any non-profitable purpose. Use for profit in any way needs my formal, written permission.


With love, Lisa

P.S. - In my opinion, all artistic creations represent the result of an interaction between the artist and his/her environment on physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual levels. Thus, while each creation reflects to some extent the life of the artist, it would be an inaccuracy to say that it is a 100% reflection. For example, a poet who speaks about "moving on to a better place" is not necessarily suicidal.

I say the above in particular to those who know me. Be careful of jumping to conclusions. I will honestly answer any questions you ask.

P.P.S. There are two ways to listen to the songs: the first is via the mp3 widget at the top of the page. In case that isn't working during the time you are browsing my site, there is also a play the song option inside the body of the lyrics. This will play the song using your computer's default music player - not as nifty I know. Between these two options, you should be able to hear the tunes...I hope...