Angie's Song

This song was written by my sister in honor of  a relative's infant who passed away shortly after birth. Natalie and I reworked some of the melody and added harmonies.

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I've been thinking so far, this has all been too hard,

(I) wanna walk, wanna walk/run so far away from here.

You came into this world one day and our lives will never be the same.

Your brief but brave fight for your life will inspire me, all of my days...


I'm sorry that you'll miss your parents and your sis.

It would've been so great to have you here.

I'm glad we did meet, now with angels at your feet,

Fly homeward, precious one so dear...


I'll miss you...though I never knew you well...

Till we meet again, in dreams and then heaven,

I'll keep you in my heart sweet Avery...