Anee Teekva

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Hebrew written as English

English Translation

Al tedaber

Al tachshov

Ma she yehiye, yehiye rak tov

Al tefached

Al tifke

K'she ata tsareech otee, ehiye

Don't speak

Don't think

What will be, will only be good

Don't be afraid

Don't cry

When you need me, I'll be there


Anee ha hargasha she kama eetcha ba boker

Ve omeret lecha ha kol nachon v'shaket

Anee ha ruach

She mevarechet otcha b'yom soref

Anee teekva, anee eetcha, ba olam ha ze


I'm the feeling that awakens with you in the morning

And tells you everything is alright and peaceful

I'm the wind

That blesses you on a burning day

I'm hope,
I'm with you in this world

Ken titcarev

Ken techaven

Kochecha et chai'i noten

Ken titmoch

Ken tishmor

K'day l'horeesh otee

m'dor l'dor

Yes, come closer

Yes, make a plan

Your strength gives me life

Yes, support me

Yes, preserve me

In order to pass me on

from generation to generation



Az bo v'lech eetee

b'kol chii'echa

Sheynu na'ase yom tov

Levad, kol tsad atsuv bechaii'echa

Beyachad na'ase

davar chashuv

So come and walk with me

all your life

Together we will create a good day

Alone, each side is really sad

Together we can create

something important