The Last Waltz

My husband, Soonya wrote the melody. I liked it so much I wrote words to suit. Once again you'll hear a duet - my daughter, Natalie and I. This song was recorded totally at home.

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It's there when I look at your eyes.

You touch me whenever you smile.

This love that we share will go on for a long, long while.

You speak to the needs of my soul.

With you I am never alone.

Your body on mine makes me feel like I've come home.


Just as the winter turns to spring,

Just as the baby learns to crawl,

So too my heart it knows it's path to you.

And with the changing of the days,

And with the passing of the years,

Always together we will see life through.

It's rare that in this world we find

A match that is honest and true.

I give thanks to my lucky star that I found you.

The mirror shows hair streaked with white.

My face it is wrinkled and lined.

But you always know my true self although it's never defined.