When he heard I wrote songs, an in-law, Morris Iren, gave me a poem he had written. He said perhaps I could turn it into a song. So, the three verses are his. The chorus, bridge, and melody are mine.

play the song

Lipstick on my mirror

Spilling words you wrote

You may be for dinner

Or maybe you won't


What is this farce that we play?

Why is the truth so hard to find?

You love me, hate me, for today

But I want an always peace of mind, with no heartgames.

Short note by the door

Saying on second thought

I should call you no more

Though you care a lot


Once in times gone by

I thought the world was full of chance

Full of joy and true romance

Waiting just for me, waiting just for me...

Shadows on my mirror

Wish were you and I

You didn't come for dinner

And neither did I