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Long Good Road

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For the human mind it's not so easy

To accept things it can't see.

We tend to write them off as fairy tales

Or someone's fantasy.

And thus for many years I had my doubts

But I never disbelieved

And so it's quite a nice surprise to find you're real.


It's been a long, good road

And I can see I'm nearing the end.

Ain't no finer way to continue my journey

Then in the company of a friend.

So as the night draws nigh

I will get by.

There is comfort in the certain fact

We're not alone at all.

It gives you strength to know there's someone who

Will catch you when you fall.

It lets you live your day with all it brings

Full of hope and joy and love

'Cause you're tapped in that higher power from above.


My road has been a winding one

Challenges far and wide.

But every step of the way, though I knew it or not,

You've been right by my side.

And so with love in my heart and unafraid

I turn to face what lies ahead.

"It's not over till it's over” that's what you said.