Raindrops (For My Parents)

This song was written by my brother. Natalie and I reworked some of the melody and added harmonies. Gil plays live harmonica  (melodies written by himself) both to open the song and to bridge verses two and three.

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Raindrops fall from autumn skies. Firelight dances in your eyes.

Feel I'm flying 'bove the ground. Life's complete when you're around.


And we're spending...

All our time together every day.

Finding joy in the little things that happen 'long the way.

And when the day is over, and we can't see the sun,

We'll think about and smile for the days when we were young.

Children grown, moved away. They come to visit not to stay.

House is dark, just one light on. Your love shines to keep me warm.


Morning brings us another day. "Coffee's ready" I hear you say.

You said "I love you" in your sleep. Nice to know our love's still deep.