Wake Up_Music.mp3

Wake Up

(The Journey)

After attending The Journey - Workshop 1, I wrote this song.

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It's as if you are asleep

But you know that you're not dreaming.

It's as if you are asleep but you are wide awake.

Maybe at work

At school

At the supermarket buying bread

You know that you're alive

But something in you's dead


Come on wake up wake up.

To the realer you inside of you.

Wake up wake up.

You know what I say is true.

Come on wake up wake up.

You can be all that you want to be.

Time to step outside your mind and be free.

It's as if something is lost

But you've counted all the pieces.

It's as if something is lost but you're not quite sure what.

You look around

And find

That your day-to-day is not so great.

You know you need a change

Before it is too late.


I know it's hard.

Sometimes the fear grips me so tight and won't let go.

But when you try

You find a state of grace that's worth the world to know...

Chorus x 2

And these wings they are invisible

And so sometimes we forget they're there.

It's time to take them out and dust them off

'Cause with these wings we all can dare...

repeat of verse 1