After attending The Journey - Workshop 2, I wrote this song.

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When the world gets you down,

When there's fear all around,

When you're tired of facing bad things,

Just remember that we

Come from heaven above

And like angels we have wings.

When there's no place to go,

And you're feeling so low,

As if you're bound by a million strings,

Just remember that we're

Heaven's face on this earth

And like angels we have wings.


We have wings to soar above the clouds.

We have wings to reach new heights.

We have wings to shelter ourselves on the ground.

We have wings of purest light.

Spread your wings.

Dare to fly.

Reaching up.

For the sky.

When you're feeling so small,

As if there's no hope at all,

When you wish you had a heart that sings,

Just remember that we're

Full of heavenly love

And like angels we have wings.


And these wings they are invisible

And so sometimes we forget they're there.

It's time to take them out and dust them off

'Cause with these wings we all can dare...

repeat of verse 1