Wish You Were Here

This is the only song for which I have received money so far. The father of my daughters bought this song. So if it ever makes anything, it's his.

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The wind whistles through the driving rain.

Telling me I've got to keep going.

The sound echoes through my heart of pain.

Wish you were here.


Poles are meant to keep us apart.

Why are we still close?

I wake up and I see your face.

Wish you were here.

It doesn't matter how hard I try

Nor how far I've come in my roaming.

My body traitor to my state-of-mind.

Wish you were here.


Stars shining bright

Whet my appetite

For romance

Second chance


Moon beams

Sweet dreams

Sad scenes


Your voice resonates inside my soul.

It permeates the core of my being.

The pressure splitting but I keep control.

Wish you were here.